About Art Chain

To catch up with the rising trend to meet the requirements of sustainability, greener materials are always a good choice when you work on your masterpiece. Art Chain as an Eco-friendly material focusing distributor and 3M authorized distributor in Hong Kong, we aim to provide a sustainable solution for not only the retail shopping environment but popularize to different communities.

Our Product

Start from bringing the 3M stainless removal printing materials, 3M™ Envision™ non-PVC Print Film 48C and 480C with GREENGUARD & Fire Certificates to Asia, we expanded the variety of leading-edge eco-technology materials option for market; print-on-demand PVC-free 3D wallpaper, bio-degradable foamboard, k-board (100% paper board), and Non -PVC lightbox film, etc. Welcome for any inquiries.

關於Art Chain

為了配合可持續發展的上升趨勢,我們相信在你的傑作用上環保物料將會是個好選擇。作為3M授權物料經銷商及各類環保物料供應商, 我們為各營商環境提供可持續發展的解決方案,更致力將環保物料普及化至零售業以外的各界。


由有GREENGUARD 認證和歐盟防火證書且不留膠漬的3M™Envision™ 48C及480C噴畫貼紙引入亞洲開始,我們為市場擴大了不同革新科研物料的選擇種類,包括;不含PVC的自訂圖案立體牆紙,可分解展板, 紙芯展板, 不含PVC的燈片等等。歡迎查詢。